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Welcome to Decentrawine

grAPEvine NFTs & DAO Vineyard

Pairing NFTs with art, utility, community & wine

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In a Nutshell

meets Real Life

grAPEvine NFT ecosystem & DAO Vineyard

We are the world’s 1st collectible grAPEvines which give access to our one of its kind wine club and community vineyard utilizing NFTs with real-world utility:

  1. COMMUNITY: Join a one of its kind exclusive wine club with our NFTs
  2. ERC20 TOKEN: Earn our utility token passively just by holding our NFTs
  3. MORE NFTS: You can mint our PFP collection & more NFTs with more perks
  4. NFT BOTTLES: Get each year unique bottles of wine as additional NFTs
  5. WHITELISTED: Get automatically whitelisted for future NFT collections
  6. OWN VINEYARD: We cultivate our NFT vineyard & get a luxury wine estate
  7. DAO WINERY: Let’s make history by running the 1st vineyard as a DAO
  8. EDUCATION: We share knowledge, behind the scenes, wine classes and more
  9. GAMEFI: A “Learn & Earn” Game to play, learn and earn our utility token
  10. METAVERSE: We build a wine bar/winery in the metaverse for our community
  11. ECOSYSTEM: We pioneer a new ownership economy & inclusive ecosystem
  12. BAYC: We get a BAYC for a wine label & as a profile picture for our members
  13. FLOOR PRICE ROADMAP: Increasing floor price unlocks all benefits & perks

Wine Club

Web3 crypto wine club - first of its kind

Our goal: Become the most lucrative wine club with the highest market cap.

  • We share exclusive content, knowledge, behind the scenes and wine classes
  • We get land in the metaverse to built a wine bar/winery for our community
  • NFT owners will earn our ERC20 utility token by holding our CryptoVines
  • We develop a “Learn & Earn” Game where you can play and earn our token

grAPEvine NFTs

Tokenized vines - Never seen before NFTs

Behind every APΞvine is a real grAPEvine. We aim to become the most expensive wine collectibles on the blockchain.

  • 10,000 real grAPEvines artistically tokenized as NFTs on the ERC-721 standard
  • Get updates of the grAPEvines and follow the journey of the art of wine making
  • We onboard other partners and wineries and you can get wine perks and more NFTs
  • Our floor price roadmap incentivizes to raise the price of our APΞvine collection
Decentrawine Red White NFT 1 Decentrawine Red Wine Real Life

Community Vineyard

DAO Winery - Let's pioneer a world's 1st

Our goal: Run our own community vineyard and turn it into the first DAO winery.

  • We run our own vineyard as the 1st DAO Winery with community decisions
  • The world’s 1st fully crypto-themed winery pioneering an inclusive ecosystem
  • NFT holders can mint each year bottles of wine with unique art labels as NFTs
  • We exclusively cultivate our APΞvine vineyard & get our own luxury wine estate

Real World Utility Perks

A never seen before use case for NFTs.

Everything for a real-life NFT ecosystem with true utility & benefits.

Exclusive Wine Club

Get access to the first of its kind wine club - powered by NFTs.

Passive Income

Earn passive income by holding our NFTs & earn our ERC20 token.

Community Vineyard

Exclusive vineyard for Decentrawine and we get a luxury wine estate.

DAO Winery

We become the 1st DAO Winery with community decisions.

NFT Bottles

Get every year unique wine bottles with art labels as NFTs (and in real life).

Wine Education

We share knowledge, updates, behind the scenes, wine classes & courses.

"Learn & Earn" GameFi

We develop a “Learn & Earn" game where you can earn our token.

Member Benefits

We onboard partners and wineries for more benefits for our members.

BAYC & Metaverse

We get a BYAC for our labels and land in the metaverse for a wine bar.

We Make History

We pioneer the first wine club of its kind & an inclusive ecosystem.

Get Whitelisted

More NFTs to come: PFP collection, partner vines, NFT bottles etc.

Floor price roadmap

We incentivize our community to raise the floor price for more benefits.

Floor Price Roadmap

Floor price milestones unlocking all benefits.
The road to a unicorn DAO vineyard.


Instead of high initial prices to cover all costs, we decided to make the mint low priced, but to incentivize the community to increase the floor price to unlock more perks. If we hit a floor price milestone which our community votes on in our Discord, we realize the goal.

Floor price suggestion: Ξ0.69, Ξ1.00 or Ξ1.69
Let's get a BAYC!
With our own Ape we are licensed to create a BAYC Wine Label. We can also get more NFTs such as a Punk or World of Women if they are beneficial for our community. We take suggestions and votes on the floor price in our Discord starting now!
Floor price suggestion: Ξ0.69, Ξ1.00 or Ξ1.69
Floor price suggestion: Ξ1.69, Ξ2.00 or Ξ3.00
Metaverse Land
We buy land in the metaverse to built our own wine bar, wine shop or winery. Our community decides in our Discord in which Metaverse. We take suggestions and votes on the floor price in our Discord.
Floor price suggestion: Ξ1.69, Ξ2.00 or Ξ3.00
Floor price suggestion: Ξ3.00, Ξ4.00 or Ξ5.00
PFP Collection
We drop our upcoming PFP collection. The Ξ from this collection will also be used to finance the luxury wine estate and the NFTs carry all rights and benefits regarding its transformation into a DAO winery.
Floor price suggestion: Ξ3.00, Ξ4.00 or Ξ5.00
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Exclusive Merch Shop
We create a members only merch shop. NFT holder will also get exclusive future benefits via our shop. Tell us in our Discord which benefits you would like to see!
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Partner Vine NFTS & Perks
We start onboarding wineries and partners around the world for perks, wine and additional NFT collections. Let us know in our Discord what kind of perks you would like to see.
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
NFT Wine Bottles
We get our first edition of NFT bottles ready. The labels of the bottles will be of crypto art and our NFT holders are whitelisted for the mint.
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Community Token Airdrop
We develop a ERC20 token which can be earned passively by holding our NFTs. We airdrop the token to every wallet holding our NFTs at the time of taking the snapshot.
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​​
"Learn & Earn" Game
We develop our own game where members can learn all around wine and earn our community token at the same time. GameFi is the future model to learn and to earn in a fun way!
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​​
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Community Vineyard
We cultivate our vineyard exclusively for Decentrawine to back each NFT bottle with a physical and unique bottle of wine.
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​
Luxury Wine Estate
We get another luxury wine estate and turn it into a DAO Winery with future benefits to be unlocked. Great times ahead!
Ξ floor: TBD by Community​

Our community decides on the floor price of our milestones in our Discord. Minimum 1 ETH and 3 months between each milestone. Roadmap is work in progress, milestones may be added and order may change. Our community can suggest more.

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How it all Started

A story in the making. NFTs are changing the game.

The idea to Decentrawine was born many years ago, long before NFTs were a thing. We were tasting our freshly minted vintage and were immensely satisfied. It’s such a great feeling to enjoy the juice of your own grAPEvines and all your efforts. Our goal was to share this feeling of ownership. We struggled to come up with a sustainable and satisfactory concept for it – until NFTs entered the stage.

Unique Bottles

Big Bottles Unique Labels

A Bored Ape & crypto art for our labels

NFT holders can mint each year new limited wine bottles as NFTs. We get them involved in the creation of unique bottles and labels with NFT art (not the usual 0.75l). We will also get a Bored Ape for our own wine label!

Each NFT bottle will be backed by a real bottle from our vineyard or partner wineries and can be claimed in real life. And we have no plans to hide: We aim to create the most sought after collectible wine bottles.

Tokenomics Grapeonomics

An inclusive NFT ecosystem

10,000 tokenized grAPEvines. Royalties finance the project and DAO vineyard. Behind each NFT is a real vine with its traits and artistic image. NFTs are 1:1 on the ERC721 standard and carry a CC0 license. Holders are whitelisted for our upcoming PFP collection, partner vines, yearly NFT bottles and much more.

From DAO to DAWO

Decentralized AutonomousWine Organisation

Wine DAO with community decisions

Get involved! What is the floor price for our milestones? Should we work with NFT artists for the labels? Are you interested in a wine class? Or in wine perks? Which projects should we support for our ESG fund?

Sure, day to day decisions need to be made on the spot. The grAPEvines need to be irrigated, right? And the harvest needs to take place at the right time. Rest assured, we take great care of your grAPEvines at any time.

ERC20 Utility Token

Our own wine token. Earn passive income.

We develop our own ERC20 utility token which can be earned passively just by holding an APΞvine or as a reward in a “Learn & Earn” game. Once launched, the current NFT holders will be rewarded with an airdrop. Holders are therefore encouraged to hodl their NFTs. The token can be used to purchase additional perks and NFTs.

Money Talk

Where does the Crypto go?

A winery has no shortcomings in expenditures. This is where the royalties are needed to grow this project:

Women in Crypto

Women love wine. Crypto needs more women.

Women love wine, however, the crypto space needs more women. We reserve some APΞvines specifically for women.


Ownership Economy

We pioneer a new inclusive ecosystem

NFTs have the power to become a paradigm shift in how we do business – and we want to be pioneers of it! NFT holders get true ownership. They can sell their tokens with all their utilities, perks and involvement in the project.

Forbes, Variant Fund and NASDAQ wrote about ownership economy – mostly featuring digital goods so far, but maybe Decentrawine in the future for physical products. We will also dive deeper into it in our wine paper.

Our Vision

The road to a unicorn DAO winery.

We are the 1st of its kind wine club and DAO vineyard. Together we create some of the most expensive collectible wine bottles as NFTs & IRL. We explore never seen before uses cases of NFTs and pioneer an inclusive ecosystem. We incentivize to increase the floor price to become a unicorn wine club.


Plant a Vine

Planting good - planting well

Parts of the royalties are used to do good where we can make an impact. We will support the wine sector, water and nature conservation and farming. After all, farming means living with nature and all live is nothing without nature.

We will of course get our community involved in this initative. We also want to support NFT projects which support a good cause and projects initiated by our community members. We already have some lined up, so stay tuned!

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Our Story

A story in the making for years. NFTs make it possible in no better way.

About Us

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts, wine lovers, developers, designers and wine growers – some share a deeper love for crypto, others for wine. One of us even got dumped with the words “all you talk is Bitcoin and your project” – it was actually about crypto in general and yes, we burn for this project!

We are in the priviledged situation to be able to enjoy our own wine and tasting the uniqueness of every year’s vintage. Our vineyard produces beautiful grapes and are processed to premium wine. But besides that we can tell you one thing: No wine tastes better than your own in which you were part of the effort all around the year!

How it Was Born

The idea for Decentrawine was born many years ago – way before NFTs saw the light of day – over some bottles of our freshly minted wine (the exact number of bottles not to be disclosed). We couldn’t have been more satisifed with our bible juice!

Tasting your own wine for the first time is a feeling which is hard to describe: All the effort you put into it, all the decisions impacting the outcome, which you only find out months later. Starting with pruning during winter, when the bottled wine seems so far away and yet, you are laying the groundwork for the vintage. It’s such a great feeling if the end result exceeds your expectations.

We wanted to share this feeling of ownership, the satisfaction and proudness. We started to brainstorm to turn this idea into reality. We came up with the concept to share the ownership of a vine, where we show what it takes to make a great bottle of wine, to explain all the steps of the wine making process and where the community gets their say. But we soon hit limitations.

NFTs are Game Changers

Our goal was to give ownership of a vine, to be part of a vineyard, the decisions, to know what efforts went into it and to ultimately enjoy a bottle of your own. We wanted a direct relationship with our vine owners, those who are going to enjoy the bottles and to educate them about the art of wine making.

We struggled to come up with a sustainable method to actually give this sense of ownership – which should include paying dividends in form of wine and without simply charging yearly fees or selling bottles of wine. We left the idea on the sidelines, but never forgot about it.

When NFTs became a thing, we knew this is what we were waiting for! An NFT with real- world utility – even with possibilities we could never have imagined before. Back at the drawing board we realized there is no limit on creativity with this technology. What sounds crazy today will be the new normal tomorrow.

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