Affiliate Program

Join the 1st Affiliate Program for NFT projects & earn ETH

Promote & Earn ETH

We take the bear market time to create the first affiliate program of a NFT project (if you know one, please let us know). If you are an influencer, have your own crypto website or just love our project and would like to actively promote it, sign up to our program and earn ETH.

How does it work?

NFTs are sold on the blockchain and not in an online shop, so this is how we track the sales:

1. Mint Code Protected

Our mint page is password protected - you need a valid code to access it.

2. Unique Affiliate Code

Affiliates get a unique code to be shared with their followers, friends and exes.

3. Access Mint with Code

With the affiliate code it is possible to access our mint page and mint NFTs.

4. Mints are Tracked

We track the amount of mints that are generated via each affiliate code.

5. Payouts in ETH

We pay out ETH to the wallets of our affiliates provided in the form below.

6. Community Treasury

Parts of the community treasury used for affiliates for continuous partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone! Influencers, website owners or members of our project who would like to spread the word and earn some ETH. Join it now – it’s free!

Affiliates get a commission of 20% of the amount of sales. You can quickly do the math to understand that this is much more lucrative than a one-time payment.

Mint prices of NFTs will start at 0.05 ETH and will gradually increase to 0.15 ETH. So you can earn between 0.01 and 0.03 ETH for each sale. That’s up to 0.3 ETH for as little as 10 sales and 3 ETH for 100 sales!

You can sign up as an affiliate already in the form below. When we open the mint, we will contact our affiliates, so that you know when the mint goes live.

Payouts are made monthly to the ETH address you provide in the form below.

Yes. If you invite an affiliate you get 5% of each NFT mint of the invited affiliate.

Sign up as an affiliate now!

  • An email address is required to confirm your personal affiliate code and send updates