"Plant a Vine" ESG Fund

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About "Plant a Vine"

“Plant a Vine” is our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiative. We reserve 10% of our sales for this fund. We aim to support sustainability projects around farming, water and nature conservation as well as projects run by our community members.

The past years have given many opportunities to do good in this regard – think of all the floodings, fires and water shortages around the world. We are aware that 10% is relatively high compared to other projects, but we can’t wait to make an impact in these matters.

A Quick Outlook

At present the biggest concern around the world is the war in Ukraine. We plan to use parts of our ESG fund to do well in this respect. For one, Ukraine has huge farmlands and many vineyards. Farmers are currently not able to harvest or to sell their produces.

Farmers in Ukraine need any help they can get. But we also strongly believe that humanity can only thrive and advance in times of peace. Decentrawine would for example not exist, if we needed to worry about our lives and leave our vineyard behind.

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There are plenty of ways to help in these difficult times. How exactly is something we will discuss with our community in our dedicated Discord channel.

Follow the link to our Discord below and join the discussion and take part in the votings. We have many ideas, but would love to hear from you!

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