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A one of it’s kind in real life NFT utility ecosystem.

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8 Token Details

APΞvine NFTs

10,000 real grAPEvines tokenized as NFTs with a CC0 license and the membership to Decentrawine. Every NFT will be 1 of 1 with unique traits and an artistic image as a token on the ERC-721 standard.

Floor Price Roadmap

We incentivize to hodl our NFTs and increase the floor price. This is to start with a low price while an increasing floor price ensures the growth of the project with the most benefits for our members.


Royalties are used to finance the project. We wanted to keep royalties low while still ensuring our long-term growth. We therefore support our community to raise the floor price instead of high royalties.

Community Token

We will launch our own ERC20 community token, which can be earned passively by holding our NFTs and in our "Learn & Earn" game. The utility token can be used to purchase NFTs of our future collections.

Learn & Earn Game

We develop our own "Learn & Earn" game, where you can play and learn about the art of wine making and earn our utility token at the same time. Learning should be fun while earning - crypto makes it possible

Community Treasury

30% of the royalties will be kept in our treasury, 30% for short term expenses, 30% to recompense creators and accrued costs, 10% for our "Plant a Vine" ESG fund and for projects by our community mebers.

Upcoming NFTs

We onboard other wineries and partners around the world for more perks and NFT collections. We will also release a PFP collection to be used as a profile picture, in the merch shop and with future utilities.

Wine Bottle NFTs

We release every year wine bottles as NFTs and aim to back each NFT bottle with a physical, unique and large collectible wine bottle that can be claimed in real life. Wine labels will be made with crypto art.

Metaverse Bar

We get our own land in the metaverse to build a wine bar/wine shop/winery as a meeting point for our community members. Our members will also get their say and decide in which metaverse.

Whitelist Spot

Our APΞvine NFT holders are automatically whitelisted for our future NFT collections. We truly value our community with all our members and we are going to continue to show our appreciation to them.

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