Our Story

A story in the making for years. NFTs make it possible in no better way.

About Us

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts, wine lovers, developers, designers and wine growers – some share a deeper love for crypto, others for wine. One of us even got dumped with the words “all you talk is Bitcoin and your project” – it was actually about crypto in general and yes, we burn for this project!

We are in the priviledged situation to be able to enjoy our own wine and tasting the uniqueness of every year’s vintage. Our vineyard produces beautiful grapes and are processed to premium wine. But besides that we can tell you one thing: No wine tastes better than your own in which you were part of the effort all around the year!

How it Was Born

The idea for Decentrawine was born many years ago – way before NFTs saw the light of day – over some bottles of our freshly minted wine (the exact number of bottles not to be disclosed). We couldn’t have been more satisifed with our bible juice!

Tasting your own wine for the first time is a feeling which is hard to describe: All the effort you put into it, all the decisions impacting the outcome, which you only find out months later. Starting with pruning during winter, when the bottled wine seems so far away and yet, you are laying the groundwork for the vintage. It’s such a great feeling if the end result exceeds your expectations.

We wanted to share this feeling of ownership, the satisfaction and proudness. We started to brainstorm to turn this idea into reality. We came up with the concept to share the ownership of a vine, where we show what it takes to make a great bottle of wine, to explain all the steps of the wine making process and where the community gets their say. But we soon hit limitations.

NFTs are Game Changers

Our goal was to give ownership of a vine, to be part of a vineyard, the decisions, to know what efforts went into it and to ultimately enjoy a bottle of your own. We wanted a direct relationship with our vine owners, those who are going to enjoy the bottles and to educate them about the art of wine making.

We struggled to come up with a sustainable method to actually give this sense of ownership – which should include paying dividends in form of wine and without simply charging yearly fees or selling bottles of wine. We left the idea on the sidelines, but never forgot about it.

When NFTs became a thing, we knew this is what we were waiting for! An NFT with real- world utility – even with possibilities we could never have imagined before. Back at the drawing board we realized there is no limit on creativity with this technology. What sounds crazy today will be the new normal tomorrow.

Free mint for OG members. Join us in pioneering an ecosystem around NFTs and the one thing that everyone loves: wine!

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