Traits Properties

Our APΞvines are NFTs of real grAPEvines and carry 7 different traits. Some are randomly generated and some are a snapshot of the status quo in 2021.

Art Images

We tokenized 10,000 real grAPEvines. Yes, we have created 10,000 images with a lot of love and effort. Every image is absolutely unique – some might find certain images more beautiful than others. We didn’t beautify the grAPEvines before tokenizing them in any form, so nature dictates the overall look of the grapes.

Art Theme Varieties

We work with over 300 different art themes, which are randomly applied. The art themes are named after grape varieties, some internationally recognized, some less known. Themes are applied between 1 and 69 times. This process is as lengthy as you could imagine – but we are very proud with the result!

Wine Performance

The overall quality of the grAPEvine and the grapes. This is a snapshot at the moment of tokenizing the vine. This means that in the following years the vine could be categorized differently, depending on its development. Our grapes are located in an perfect sunny location and grow on ideal soil. They are selected to produce high quality premium wine.

Age of Vines

A snapshot of the age of the vine at the time of tokenization. Most of our vines are of older age, while some have been replaced with younger ones. One factor that our vines produce high quality grapes and are selected for internationally rewarded wine is that they are in their prime age.

Point of View

The point of view determines from which angle the grAPEvine is shown on the image. Fisheye and Tiny Planet are the rarest.

Plots Wine Regions

Our grAPEvines are divided into 333 different plots. Plots are named after wine countries and wine regions around the world – some of course of the most popular ones but also some exotic wine areas. The total number of grAPEvines forming a plot is randomly selected.

Wine Type

We grow in our vineyard red and white grape varieties. This is an actual trade of the vines at the time of tokeniziation.

Easter Egg

In 15 APΞvine NFTs an easter egg is hidden. These are the most special and unique NFTs.

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