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We are looking for the world's top 50 small & unique wineries!

Decentrawine is a new global wine club using NFTs as a a new technology (more below). We are going to use our funds to create and finance new projects all around wine. Our main purpose is to create value for our community members, partner wineries and more wine businesses (hotels, trips, shops etc.) in the future. Our first step is to create a ranking of the world’s best 50 small wineries around the world – with great wines, location, experiences, stories and concepts.

Discover our Benefits

Do you know the ranking of the world’s 50 best bars? We are looking for the world’s top 50 small and unique wineries. If you are a small & unique winery, we would like to hear from you in the form below. In the future we are also going to rank the best wine bars and much more.

Cash Prices

We are going to reward the top wineries with cash prices from our community funds that can be used for your next project.

Video & Photos

We are going to visit your winery, create promotional videos, photos, 360° photos which we share and you can also use.

Free Promotion

Our members, wineries and selected influencers can vote. We advertise and promote the list of the best 50 wineries.

Wine Supplier

We are going to purchase bottles of wine and wine experiences from participating wineries for our community members.

Community Events

We are going to hold community events at wineries for our members - expenses will be paid via our community funds.


Parts of our funds will be used to work with influencers who take part in the voting and promote our project and wineries.

About Us

We are creating a new global wine club based on the new technology of NFTs. This allows us to create exclusive benefits for our members and partner wineries.

What is Decentrawine?

Decentrawine is a global wine club that is based on the technology of NFTs to make it absolutely exclusive. Do you need to know anything about NFTs to be part of it? Absolutely not. All you need to know is that we use this new tech because it will be the future of crowdfunding and to create sustainable business models around communities.

How does the club work?

Our members get a stake in our club buy purchasing our NFTs. In addition, every time a NFT is resold, we get a commission. We are going to use this ongoing revenue stream to generate value for our club members, partner wineries and much more in the future. NFT holders can vote on projects and how the funds are going to be used.

Large Community Fund

NFTs are sold in cryptocurrencies – in our case in Ethereum, the most established and future-proof for NFTs. The size of the fund in Euro or Dollar therefore depends on the price of Ethereum. Right now we are estimating between 1 and 4 Million to begin (at the highest price of Ethereum – and it will go even higher again). By continuously creating value, the prices of our NFTs will increase and therefore also our reselling fee – resulting in an expanding community fund.

Wine Club Membership

Owning our NFTs gives access to our global wine club. By holding one of our NFTs our members get perks and benefits all around wine in form of new NFTs and in real life. NFT holders can take part in the voting and decide how the community funds will be used. NFTs can be resold for a profit with all their membership benefits at any time.

Only Benefits for Wineries

While creating a global wine club, we are also creating a global network of wineries, where we can purchase benefits for our club members, such as wine bottles, wine tastings and events. We are starting out with the world’s top 50 small and unique wineries, but we are not going to stop there. We make it as easy as possible for wineries to join our club and we make sure that our partner wineries get nothing but benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is absolutely free to apply. Just fill in the form below.

No, they are not. NFTs are real and they are going to stay. They open endless opportunities and we want to be on the forefront to discover them.

No, absolutely not. You are not signing up on anything long-term either. We are creating a fun and interactive wine club with community decisions, where our members and participating wineries will benefit.

Yes, we are happy to give a NFT for free to participating wineries. All you need is Metamask (a crypto wallet) for that. But don’t worry, when we visit your winery we can help you setting it up.

We are just starting out with the world’s 50 best small and unique wineries and are going to visit participating wineries whenever possible. You can already apply below and we keep you updated.

Yes, of course! Just get in touch with us.

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